Mentoring Women to discover their full purpose in life

A few days ago I was asked to guest post about mentoring women for Leadership Design Group where I serve on the mentoring development team. To be honest sometimes the word “Mentor” makes me think of a grey haired, speckled skin, fine lines with each smile kind of older person (I say that in the nicest way possible) who replies to my problems with “been there done that, let me tell you about it”. Someone who knows the solutions to my problems because of their age and life experiences.

We all bring our preconceived notions to what we think this word means and the weight it carries. I may not have grey hair or speckled skin yet but the fine lines are coming and my life experiences thus far are teaching me what it means to be in relationship with others and what mentoring is really all about.


the journey of mentorship

I sat across the table listening to every word she said…

…I thought I was looking in the mirror. Well kind of, with her being 10 years younger and freshly out of high school, while I sat with a rounded belly carrying baby number 2 and 8 years of marriage under my belt definitely provided a different reflection.

I knew exactly what she came for.  She was longing for answers to what was going on in her life. I had been there, done that, and desperately reached out to others in the same way. As I listened and sipped my coffee I remembered exactly what it was like to be in her shoes. Read more…..