She is one!

She’s One! I can’t believe it,  I feel as if I have blinked and the last year passed me by. This day exactly one year ago at 7:22 pm our lives were changed forever. If there was one thing I learned a year ago in that hospital it was that Ellyana Mae Worley is not mine. She is the Lord’s and I pray ... Read More

The ocean and me

As I sit here and look at the beautiful ocean, I can’t help but think it’s a little glimpse at the power and majesty of my great maker. I feel incompetently small compared to the waves and depth of the ocean and yet God cares for me. Nature is one of the biggest ways that show us we have an innate, ... Read More

Plastic Reality

     She opened her eyes as the sun’s ray beamed through her window to welcome a new day. She quickly threw off the covers and left her room. This wasn’t any day, this was Christmas morning! In anticipation she quickly ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time, even though that was something ... Read More

Always the same

  Colorado has seen its far share of heart ache in the last couple of weeks. My heart breaks for the families who have been affected by the recent tragedies. Pain, tears, and heart ache seem to be evident reactions for everyone as we come around a community that has recently endured a devastating ... Read More

      After a 70 degree day on Friday, I looked outside Saturday only to see white…..About 6 inches of snow with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Oh Colorado how can you give us a week of 70 degree weather and mounds of snow the next day!! I still love you:)  I bundled up and took our dog Charlie ... Read More

Aunt Holly

          One of the best parts about my life right now is the joy I experience as a first time aunt. My older sister Wendy gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Kaylee Belle 9 months ago. It has been so fun to see Kaylee grow and change over these last few months- watching the peach fuzz on ... Read More