Peace out Cancer!

A few months ago I shared a story about a close friend of mine who found out Cancer had invaded her life. After journeying with her and her family for the past few months I am excited for her to share her story. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month please read Kathy's story and see the ... Read More

Where is God?

  Its not hard to turn on the news, scroll through your Facebook News Feed, or talk to people about what is going on in our world without being struck by fear. Especially as a mom I have experienced this reality lately as I question, “how on earth will I raise kids in a world that is unfolding so ... Read More

Sharing our stories hand-in-hand

   Tuesday night I found myself kneeling on a wood floor surrounded by some of my best friends- shedding a few tears, laughing a few good laughs, and praying, as our lives had been interrupted earlier that day by some bad news. The picture you see is not just a bunch of well-manicured nails (might I ... Read More

The power of the Cross

I listened on Sunday as our pastor passionately presented the message of the Gospel. The same message that years ago took root in my soul and changed my life. The message that God sent His son to die on a cross, bear all our sins, and declare “it is finished” for us to never have to look back. It ... Read More

No longer someone else’s victim

What started as a moment of turning the TV on to rest my mind, turned into a moment I never expected. I couldn't peel my eyes away from what I was seeing. I was fully engaged on what was taking place. Sunday night as I flipped through the channels I stumbled upon the Oscars. To be honest, if I ... Read More

When a simple kiss won’t do.

 This week provided a moment of victory in my motherly heart as my daughter asked me to kiss her newly found “boo boo” to make it better. To say I haven’t been waiting for this day or that it didn’t bring about a sense of worth, would be lying. I watched as a simple kiss changed a distressed little ... Read More

New Year, Still ME

Living in a self-absorbed culture anyone who has access to the internet has been bombarded by the enticing words of a new year for the last 3 weeks: It’s a new year and a new you, your best self yet, how to make this the best year ever,  this is your year for true love, 2016 - your fresh start. ... Read More

Let Go and Let God

Meet my twin sister and my best friend, Heather. There are no words to communicate the bond I have with my sister. We have always had a relationship that far exceeded any normal sibling relationship. We can attest to the fact that what they say about twins is true- when one of us feels pain so does ... Read More

Was I made for this?

 Have you ever had one of those moments where the question above steps into your thoughts as you are chasing after your dream? These five words swept through my mind last week running laps around my idea of living out my dream to be a mom.  To be honest being a mom has always been my biggest dream, ... Read More


Mike and I’s life has been swallowed up by letters of the word ‘BUSY’ these last few weeks. He’s running his business with a passion, I’m loving teaching Pure Barre and now working for them corporately, we bought a house, I am preparing for a few speaking engagements and retreats in the next two ... Read More