A God-sized answer to our prayers.

We were making our annual Saturday grocery run when we turned the corner to see a big sign with one brave five-year-old boys face, and about 100 people in green shirts running around. Intrigued with what we saw, we decided to investigate what was going on. In today’s world instant gratification ... Read More

2 words: I’m sorry.

It was go time! I was filled with anticipation as I prepared to take the stage, excited to share with a new group of women half way across the country. I had studied, prayed, listened to the spirit, and was confident that nothing could stand in my way - until the unexpected happened. A woman ... Read More

Stop thinking and just do it!

Ever have one of those moments where you know what you are supposed to do and you procrastinate doing it? I was laying in bed reasoning with God about what He had just asked me to do. It was almost midnight and I wanted to sleep, but He was calling me to get on my knees and pray. I argued a rational ... Read More

Joy: 3 life changing letters

I gazed out the window, squinting my eyes to see the frame of the white Jeep in the distance making its way towards my house. The long stretch of road over the rolling hills would allow me to see for miles before a car entered our driveway. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sixteen ... Read More

A wonderstruck morning

There was no sign of light. Not even a thought yet from the sun who makes its daily appearance by shining through our opaque blinds to remind me you can’t sleep forever. I tossed. I turned. I glanced at the clock- 3:52 am. I gathered the covers Mike had seemed to steal in the middle of the night. ... Read More


Three months ago God called me to be honest. To write about my story in a way that left me feeling vulnerable and scared of what others might think. At the end of the day I knew obedience was all that mattered. I prayed that in some way, He would use it to bring women to Him. Out of that obedience I ... Read More

The identity of adoption

Today was a life changing day for our family. I watched as two precious kids coming from a horrible living situation walked into a court house, leaving their past behind them to take on a new name and identity that would set them on a completely different path. No longer living in fear but knowing ... Read More

Living My Story….

As I finished what I was saying, I glanced up for the first time to look at the woman sitting directly across from me. It seemed a little awkward to be telling a stranger all about my life, but I knew deep down I needed someone to listen. I had been keeping a secret for 12 years, pushing it down, ... Read More

She is…..

She IS…… Beautiful Strong Confident Free looking toward the light stepping away from her past moving forward no matter the cost looking upward for her strength courageous not afraid at peace She is….no longer who she used to be      She is who I long to be. As I sat in an office the ... Read More


     My heart broke in two when I heard her say those three words that I knew all too well. She could barely hold her head up, tears streaming down her cheeks as she said it again, “I feel so alone”. As I looked into this young woman’s beautiful eyes all I could see was pain and desperation to get ... Read More