When your children become your reflection

It was one simple act that made me realize she sees and understands everything we do. I watched as my almost 3 year old tried time and time again to open the bag of gold fish with her teeth. Where did she learn that when her tiny hands aren't enough that maybe the strength of her teeth might do it!? ... Read More

The mundane becomes holy

I walked into the room only to have my heart melt into a pile on the floor. My breath was taken away as I stared at a sight I was not prepared to see. How could two seconds drastically change your day and remind you of your purpose so quickly? I leaned over to my sister in law and said, “go get ... Read More

The battlefield of motherhood.

Today is a day that we celebrate MOM. First off, I have to say Happy Mother’s day to one of the best moms in the world! I love you mom and because of you, I am learning what it means to be a grace filled, loving, patient mom. You are the definition of what a great mom looks like and your children ... Read More

Live Loved and Love

The words seemed to roll off my tongue without any thought given. I had heard them at least a thousand times growing up. As a little girl my favorite place of all times to hear them was when I was with my Grandma. She would hold me tight, rocking away in her old rocking chair she would start to sing ... Read More

When the path gets icy…

I watched as if she was learning how to walk all over again. Her hat on tight with her fur trimmed boots stabilizing her little ankles, she was ready to go. I watched as for the first time she explored the white fluffy substance that made its appearance known as it covered the ground. “Elly can you ... Read More

Hit your knees….

This morning I woke up with whispers of lies running through my head….. your not a good mom your a below average wife you can’t manage your time well your letting people around you down you aren’t good enough you can’t even stay healthy, whats wrong with you the list goes on an on......     ... Read More

Dear Sweet Ellyana….

Dear Sweet Ellyana…  To my sweet beautiful daughter. As I read Psalms 139:13-14 I am reminded that every word in this passage echoes your name and who God has created you to be. As I watch you grow before my very eyes I cannot believe I have been chosen to be your mother. I watch as you learn to ... Read More

MOMS UNLEASHED…your not alone

It’s 12:00 am and I think for the first time ever in our marriage my husband is fast asleep and I am being the night owl. Not just tossing and turning can’t sleep night owl but wide awake and filled with excitement! In my last post I talked about how the Lord woke me up earlier than usual to ... Read More

Reflections from a first time mom….

Motherhood has brought many different challenges in my life that have left me with feelings of fear, joy, anxiety, and just about every other emotion you can feel. I have tried to cling to the Lord over this last year as I learn what it means to be mom. It has been hard, its been fun, and its been ... Read More


    Its Monday and I hate Mondays! Monday means that it is time to come off the fun weekend and get back into the swing of things- Laundry, store run, cleaning, etc. I find sometimes that I am so overwhelmed with things to get down that I bury myself in work and start to feel defeated by the tasks ... Read More