The power of the Cross

I listened on Sunday as our pastor passionately presented the message of the Gospel. The same message that years ago took root in my soul and changed my life. The message that God sent His son to die on a cross, bear all our sins, and declare “it is finished” for us to never have to look back. It ... Read More

A daughter of the King

What a fun week spending time with sweet little girls and teaching them about their identity in Christ as a daughter of the King. My friend Laura and I have been nonstop this week coming up with fun adventures, crafts, and teaching on who we are as daughters of the King. My heart was filled as I ... Read More

Finding hope in a sea of Grief.

   My soul remembers the deep anguish that it wallowed in for years. As I prepare to share my story at a women’s breakfast next week my mind has been flooded with memories from the past. Years of silence and shame caused me to swim in a sea of grief. As I’ve shared my story before I have learned ... Read More

2 words: I’m sorry.

It was go time! I was filled with anticipation as I prepared to take the stage, excited to share with a new group of women half way across the country. I had studied, prayed, listened to the spirit, and was confident that nothing could stand in my way - until the unexpected happened. A woman ... Read More

Love not religion.

I was six years old, sitting in a church class room and repeating a prayer after my teacher so that I could go to Heaven. What was my motivation behind this you ask? Honest answer- my twin sister had just prayed the prayer and I did not want her to go to Heaven without me (we were inseparable and ... Read More

IF God is real, then what?

  One simple question that changes everything! If He is real what does this mean for us? How do we live differently? All of us whether we acknowledge it or not have answered this question to some extent, all the while making up our own conclusions of who God is and what He means in our ... Read More

The God who sees you in the Desert.

What could she do as she found herself in the middle of the desert with nowhere else to go? Solemnly standing there I can only imagine how she must have felt. The emotions of being pregnant were probably enough to deal with, but on top of that I imagine she was tired, scared, confused, and hopeless ... Read More

One question.

One simple question has plagued my thoughts since the start of this new year. My confession in my last post was that I am not much for list making or resolutions but one thing I do at the start of each year is ask God for a theme or a lesson for the year I am about to enter into. While praying ... Read More

The perfect gift

It must have been the 100th time I said, “excuse me”, as I pushed the stroller through the doorway that day. I made a mental note- do not attempt to go to the mall next year the week of Christmas! I looked at all the faces around me, with determination in their eyes I could see they were on a hunt ... Read More

Own me

It seemed so subtle, how did the chains seem to bind me up so quickly? I’m doing good, learning how to radically live out the freedom God has given me and yet the chains of greed and pride were tightening with each second that passed. My thoughts were not content on what I had but what I ... Read More