The power of the Cross

I listened on Sunday as our pastor passionately presented the message of the Gospel. The same message that years ago took root in my soul and changed my life. The message that God sent His son to die on a cross, bear all our sins, and declare “it is finished” for us to never have to look back. It ... Read More

A God-sized answer to our prayers.

We were making our annual Saturday grocery run when we turned the corner to see a big sign with one brave five-year-old boys face, and about 100 people in green shirts running around. Intrigued with what we saw, we decided to investigate what was going on. In today’s world instant gratification ... Read More

Be still and know…

“Prayer is about God sharing His heart with us while we share our hearts with Him” These words spoken from the pastors’ mouth a few months ago pierced my soul as my current reality could not have been put into better words. God had been challenging my prayers to be more than a list of “what I ... Read More

When actions speak louder than words

My emotions battled it out as I listened to the words of the women sitting across from me. I tried to eat my lunch but my stomach was not interested, as my heart and mind were working overtime to reconcile my thoughts on what was being said. It was Saturday, a perfect day for a picnic. For months, ... Read More

falling in love with the Creator.

   The site before me sent my knees buckling, while the butterflies in my stomach seemed great enough to fly me away. The beauty around me could not be described, nor attained, as I found myself on the side of a mountain. The adventure of pursuing our marriage continued in Kauai. My eyes sent a ... Read More

going deep in a shallow world

We lathered a layer of sunscreen as we made our way onto the boat. Excited to see new sites we had no problem opening our eyes as the alarm clock went off before the sun made its appearance for the day. The daily adventure today: a boat ride to see the Na Pali coast. A place that’s basically ... Read More

Stop thinking and just do it!

Ever have one of those moments where you know what you are supposed to do and you procrastinate doing it? I was laying in bed reasoning with God about what He had just asked me to do. It was almost midnight and I wanted to sleep, but He was calling me to get on my knees and pray. I argued a rational ... Read More

Jesus in the daily

There’s cheerios mashed into the carpet, the dishes stacked so high threatening to take on the appearance of a high-rise, and the bed is tempting me to lay down and be swallowed up by its covers once again. The little one is sleeping. Nap time has officially begun and as her head hits the pillow for ... Read More

Five years ago today…

It was on this very day five years ago that I took a step forward to answering the call God was putting on my life. As I made my way to the stage my heart was racing. With sweaty palms and a lump in my throat the size of a golf ball I whispered to myself. “I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe in ... Read More

Joy: 3 life changing letters

I gazed out the window, squinting my eyes to see the frame of the white Jeep in the distance making its way towards my house. The long stretch of road over the rolling hills would allow me to see for miles before a car entered our driveway. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sixteen ... Read More