Peace out Cancer!

A few months ago I shared a story about a close friend of mine who found out Cancer had invaded her life. After journeying with her and her family for the past few months I am excited for her to share her story. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month please read Kathy's story and see the ... Read More

Mentoring Women to discover their full purpose in life

A few days ago I was asked to guest post about mentoring women for Leadership Design Group where I serve on the mentoring development team. To be honest sometimes the word "Mentor" makes me think of a grey haired, speckled skin, fine lines with each smile kind of older person (I say that in the ... Read More

Where is God?

  Its not hard to turn on the news, scroll through your Facebook News Feed, or talk to people about what is going on in our world without being struck by fear. Especially as a mom I have experienced this reality lately as I question, “how on earth will I raise kids in a world that is unfolding so ... Read More